My Teaching

Lecturer at University of Sydney

INFS3050 - Business Intelligence for Managers

BUSS6002 - Data Science in Business

INFS6023 - Data Visualisation For Managers

INFS6024 - Managing Data at Scale

Lecturer at University of New South Wales

INFS3634 - Mobile Application Development

INFS4887 - Business Research Methods (invited guest lecture)

INFS5987 - Theoretical Foundations of Information Systems (invited guest lecture)

INFS2822 - Programming for Data Analytics (invited guest lecture)

COMM8003 - Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (invited guest lecture)

Teaching Assistance at University of New South Wales

INFS3605 - Information Systems Innovation and Transformation

INFS2608 - Database Management and Big Data Infrastructures

Teaching Assistance at University of Regensburg

AWI22647 - Quantitative Foundations of Information Systems

INF22053 - Theoretical Computer Science